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The Sacramento Soccer Podcast - State of the Republic Podcast

About the Podcast

When/how did the State of the Republic Podcast start?

The SOTR Podcast was started in October of 2020 by Luis Urbano & Michael Wood. Being fellow podcasters themselves prior to SOTR, they wanted to have a podcast show which would be all about Sacramento Republic FC & Central Valley Soccer in general. The podcast quickly added regular co-hosts, Sharon Anderson and Jared Slaff who’ve carried the podcast with Luis from 2021 to the present.

Our show includes previews/reviews of Sac Republic games and interviews with SRFC & Central Valley players, coaches, & staff.

There are lots of soccer stories to tell from teams representing our Central Valley, and we want them told on the show. 

What is the SOTR show goal?

Our goal with the show is to grow the beautiful sport of futbol/football/soccer in California's Central Valley. 

About the Hosts

Luis UrbanoProfile Photo

Luis Urbano

Co-Founder & Host

One of the Co-Founders of the State of the Republic Podcast! Luis is a native to the Central Valley and has been following soccer since the early 2000's. He's been a fan of SRFC since the beginning but wasn't able to attend his first match until 2015. Aside from SRFC, he's a big time supporter of Mexico's Cruz Azul & soccer teams in the Central Valley!

Sharon AndersonProfile Photo

Sharon Anderson

Podcast Mom / Co-Host

Our very own “Podcast Mom”, Sharon! She is known in the soccer community throughout the Sacramento area having played for over 30 years, and worked for the Sacramento Republic FC for several of the Club’s early years. Known for organizing welcome parties she encourages all types of camaraderie; brunches, BBQs, as well as dinners at the Elk Grove Mikuni are among her favorite ways to interact with friends, the squad, and fellow fans.

Jared SlaffProfile Photo

Jared Slaff


Sacramento Republic FC's biggest fan in Arizona! Although he might be in AZ currently, Jared grew up in the Sacramento area and has been a Sac Republic supporter since the teams foundation. He travels to plenty of SRFC home & away games each season making him without a doubt the person that has traveled the most to see our team.